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School Resumption Announcement

Notice of resumption for 3rd term 2019/2020 & 1st term 2020/2021.

CKC Gwagwalada shall resume for 3rd term 2019/2020 & 1st term 2020/2021 on the following dates:
1. Saturday 10th October 2020: Current UB1 & UB2 students.
2. Sunday 11th October 2020: Current SS1 & SS2 students. 
3. Saturday 17th October 2020: Newly admitted students for 2020/2021 session.
4. Sunday 18th October 2020: UB3 students who recently completed the BECE exams.
NB: Every student is to return with  a bank draft for the Term's fee (see attached doc).

Tennis Pillar


Each student is to return with items on students' prospectus as well as PPE set (6 sets of face mask, 3 sets of face shield and 2 bottles of 500ml hand sanitizer).
Time: 9.00am to 3.00pm 
Remain blessed 
Management, CKC Gwagwalada